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The ultimate variety of time-saving college and career preparation resources.

***Exclusive Sneak Peek!***

With the College & Career Mixer for Google Drive™, there’s no need to waste your time googling every type of college and career awareness information on the internet.

You’ll receive 11 intentional and engaging college and career awareness lessons instantly. You can use the College & Career Mixer for Google Drive™ as a year’s worth of curriculum already done for you!

what if...

What if you never had to sacrifice your weekends creating college awareness presentations, workshops, or curricula again!
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Tell me if this sounds like you...

  1. You struggle to find time to create and research impactful and engaging college and career awareness materials.
  2. You’re tired of spending your precious weekends researching and lesson planning college and career options for your students.
  3. You wish there were already a low-prep, quick to implement college and career awareness curriculum ready to go!

What if there was a way...

…to inform your students about the many different post-secondary options in minutes?

That’s precisely why I created the College & Career Mixer for Google Drive™. I want to help you take your time back, save money and impact more students.

If you want to save time and intentionally implement a comprehensive college and career awareness program for years to come, purchase now!

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Extremely Satisfied

"Seamless to integrate into what I was doing in-person and allowed me to incorporate it into our hybrid school model of having some students online and others in person."
Mallory M.
Used with 11th grade
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CEO Founder College Counselor Traci

Trust me, you are in good hands...

Hi, I’m Traci! I help school counselors and educators save time with fun and engaging college preparation resources! 

My specialties include creating intentional and creative resources that help your students dream and plan beyond high school!

Plus, you are in good hands! I come with what I like to call “professional receipts!”

  • I am currently working as a Community College Counselor and Professor.
  • I am a Curriculum Designer with over 15 years of experience in education.
  • I have a B.A. in Sociology and Communications from UC Davis and an M.S. in Educational Counseling from the University of La Verne.
  • I’ve taught and counseled hundreds of students in college and career awareness and readiness!

I started because...

I started creating college and career resources because I was tired of piecing together random collections of resources for my students… It burnt me out quickly…

Can you relate?

I, too, was once in a position where I could not balance it all. 

  •  My students needed letters of recommendation. 
  • Parents had a ton of questions on how to help their children get into college. 
  • Teachers needed guided counseling lessons to reach and motivate our vulnerable at-risk students. 
  • All topped off with a daily dose of to-do lists that soaked up all my time from doing the necessary work – helping students.

After six years of trial and error, I have created systems and resources to help myself and other counselors implement an impactful college and career preparation program.

As a result, you’ll gain more time for the things that matter the most.

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Imagine if...

Imagine if there was a one-stop resource that had college and career awareness mapped out for you.

Okay...How does this work?

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The College & Career Mixer for Google Drive™ is a digital resource that includes presentations via Google Slides™ and digitally fillable assignments for students to reinforce learning.

All materials are delivered via a google drive account, perfect for presentations on the go, or you can download them onto your desktop for future use!

These lessons are intentional and creatively designed to be quick and straightforward to implement into any college and career readiness program. Whether you are looking to beef up your college and career readiness program or are just starting, this resource is perfect for you.

You can use the lesson plans in this resource with grades 6-12 and reuse every. single. year.

This bundle includes the necessary information, focusing on research and information literacy, which students need to make informed post-secondary decisions.

What's Included?


College Introduction Lesson Plan


Presentation and activities to encourage students to introduce the college exploration process.

Low prep, digital activities to provide students and parents an introduction to college choice. Distance learning has never been more accessible when helping students prepare for life after high school.

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College Introduction Lessons


8 Lesson plans for 8 Types of Colleges


Presentation and activities cover Art schools, Community Colleges, HBCUs, Liberal Arts Colleges, Private universities, Public universities, For-Profit institutions, and Vocational/Technical schools.

This resource is perfect for independent work or small groups.


Types of Degrees Lesson Plan


Need a lesson that goes beyond the basics? The presentation and engaging worksheets introduce several types of degrees and offer a degree research project!

Great differentiated lesson for those early finishers or eager students!

College Research Types of Degrees
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Career Exploration Lesson Plan


Career exploration is the foundation of good college and career awareness, but so often forgotten! This resource is perfect for rounding out any program curriculum, complete with presentations, activities, conversation starters, and more!

Website Exclusive Offer

College Introduction Lesson Plan ($7.50 value)

8 Lesson plans for 8 Types of Colleges ($60.00 value)

Types of Degrees Lesson Plan ($7.50 value)

Career Exploration Lesson Plan ($7.50 value)

Valued at: $82.50
Your price: $67.00

But wait...there is more!?

These limited edition bonuses are not available anywhere else!


This is an exclusive offer for website Counselor Insider Studio V.I.Ps! You’re my people! I know how precious your time is and how dedicated you are to your students!

Consider this my gift to you!


Here's what you'll get:

College & Career Masterplan


Yearly planning pages are perfect for college and career curriculum mapping.

Dean's List


Are your students unsure of which college to research? Help students go from indecision to informed decision-makers with 120 college options ready to explore! College lists include options from Art schools, Community colleges, Historically Black Colleges & Universities, Liberal Arts colleges, Private universities, Public universities, For-Profit Institutional, and Vocational/Technical schools.

College Chit Chats


No time to cut and laminate conversation starter cards? Save time with this shortcut of 120 conversation starters listed and ready to go! Low prep resource!

College Mixer Limited Time Bonuses

Website Exclusive Offer

College Introduction Lesson Plan ($7.50 value)

8 Lesson plans for 8 Types of Colleges ($60.00 value)

Types of Degrees Lesson Plan ($7.50 value)

Career Exploration Lesson Plan ($7.50 value)

College & Career Masterplan ($10.00 value)

Dean’s List ($25.00 value)

College Chit Chats ($10.00 value)

Valued at: $127.50
Your price: $67.00

from A to B...

Right now you're struggling...

  • Right now, you’re struggling to manage all the tasks that come with being the go-to college and career person.
  • Right now, you’re trying to piece together beautiful, engaging, and informative college and career information, but it is absorbing up all your time. 
  • Right now, you’re wondering if the materials you’ve collected throughout the internet are even going to align with ASCA national standards.
  • Right now, you’re knee-deep in college and career preparation materials and are overwhelmed and disorganized.
  • Right now, you have no desire to create another college and career presentation.

Imagine if...

  • Imagine if there was a one-stop resource that had college and career awareness mapped out for you.
  • Imagine if all your college and career awareness lesson plans were thoughtfully aligned with ASCA national standards.
  • Imagine if you could double your time with a one-time lifetime purchase.
  • Imagine if you could feel ready to present many post-secondary options without wasting your precious hours digging through the internet, research, and planning.
  • Imagine being able to spend that extra time with your family, students, and your self-care.

Say goodbye to...

No more staying up to 2 am working on college awareness night presentations, parent information sessions, and college prep workshops!

Extremely Satisfied

"Super helpful and easy resource to use."
Elizabeth V.
Used with 9th and 12th grade - students with learning difficulties

this is for you if...

You want credible resources.

You want American School Counselor Mindsets and Behaviors aligned materials, delivered in a polished and complete college and career awareness package.

You want to save time.

You’re tired of working until 2 am on presentations for college awareness night, parent information sessions, and college prep workshops!

You're teaching differently.

You want choices with your resources, including print-and-go, ink-saving, and digital learning options, all rolled into one!

You need different options.

You need various post-secondary options to showcase to your students quickly and easily.

You're ready to implement now.

You want a stress-free jumpstart to your college and career awareness program.

You want to make an impact.

You’re short on time but are passionate about making a significant impact in your students’ lives that improve their futures.

In minutes...

Stocked up on meaningful activities that get your students to improve their college mindset and planning.

Answers to your questions!

Actually, you will have lifetime access to this resource! A one-time purchase is all you need. These bonuses are only available through this offer. Don’t delay!

You will need a Google account to access this Google Drive product. Then you’ll have the option to “Make a Copy” of the resource for your Google Drive. Talk about being set for years to come!

I totally understand how tight finances can be for educators. I am offering this resource for a fraction of the cost, with additional bonus products precisely for this reason! I want this one-time investment to serve you for years to come. Therefore, this is the deepest savings that I can offer. Now is the time.

This resource is for those ready to invest in taking their time back while engaging their students with intention.

This curriculum is a complete package. The goal is always to provide our students with options for their future. Plus, with this one-time purchase, you never know if you’ll need the others next year.

As educators, we flourish when we try different ways to help our students dream and plan for their future. Suppose particular lessons are not the perfect fit for your current students right now. That is okay! These resources might be ideal for your students next year. And the following year. And the next! Don’t limit yourself to one set of tools in your tool belt.

Unfortunately, due to this digital resource’s nature, there are no refunds for change of mind.

​All content on this website and store is copyrighted. It cannot be republished or sold in any shape or form. Distributing copyrighted materials is illegal. However, you can always encourage a friend to sign up for College Counselor Insiders for an opportunity to purchase if they choose.

Refund Policy

Unfortunately, due to this digital resource’s nature, there are no refunds for change of mind after purchase.

However, because this resource is so robust and can be accessed after purchase, you can use it for years! What might not work with your students this year might be fantastic for your students next year!

We all know serving our students is trial and error, so don’t miss this special deal to try with your students!

How does this work?

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After checkout, we will email the resource to you! If you cannot find the product in your email, you can access your resource by logging into your account.

This product comes with a curriculum map links sheet for your convenience!

If you would like to access the presentation pages, click the “P” to be prompted to “make a copy” of the presentation via Google Slides. If you would like access to the student fillable pages, click the “S” to be prompted to make a copy of the fillable pages via Google Slides. Both of these resources are accessible solely via Google Slides.

If you want to download the PDF lesson for print, click the “PDF” icon. You will be able to download the PDF version.

You will need to be logged in to your Google Account to access each resource when you are ready to make your copies.

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Website Exclusive Offer

College Introduction Lesson Plan ($7.50 value)

8 Lesson plans for 8 Types of Colleges ($60.00 value)

Types of Degrees Lesson Plan ($7.50 value)

Career Exploration Lesson Plan ($7.50 value)

College & Career Masterplan ($10.00 value)

Dean’s List ($25.00 value)

College Chit Chats ($10.00 value)

Valued at: $127.50
Your price: $67.00